How to identity the reviewer?


We received negative review from review club member. But they didn't contact us before they publish the review. How could we contact him cause he don't have email address on his profile page. Thanks.



  • Hey @Nick it can be difficult. If you submit a form here we will delete them as a future reviewer, and I can most likely find their email address for you.
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  • NickNick
    edited May 2015
    Thank you so much! I will find that guy.
  • @citygirl I think I didn't make it clear. The truth is that, I sent several free codes to some reviewers, the product is fulfilled by Amazon, so the non-prime member may be charged by shipment fee. BUT, one of them left me a ONE STAR review and said " It's not free!"
    Yes, there are only 3 words" IT'S NOT FREE!" of the review. It's not about the product itself, even not about the service of us. So, let me know what you guys are think. @Travis_Jamison
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