Amazon PPC - How to Extract Keywords from Specific Campaign or Ad Group?

I use Microsoft Excel 2007 for centralized management of keywords for existing campaigns and ad groups.
I need to rehaul some of my ad groups which will involve comparing what is in my Excel file with what is
in ad group in Seller Central. The work involves in making sure there are no repeated duplicate keywords
to keep unique keywords. If anyone knows better solution than that, it would be great to know.

But to my question in subject line. I could do it ad group by ad group, copying and pasting keywords one
by one which would take long time or I could use "Download Campaigns" in "Bulk Operations" and download
keywords. The issue is that there are only keywords that have at least 1 impression over a period of specified
time and the maximum time window is 2 months back. Apparently I won't see keywords with 0 impressions
which defeats the purpose of downloading all existing keywords and working with them.

Anyone knows of a good solution that does not have subscription cost? Preferably free solution?



  • Seriously? No one knows? How do you manage keywords in your campaigns?
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