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FBA inventory will be out of stock for about 3 days, how to reduce the impact?

Hi Guys,

My FBA inventory is running out, and the coming goods will be available in 3 days. How can I reduce the impact of "unavailable" ?



  • I am considering to raise the price to decrease the sale volume. Maybe this way is better than "unavailable", isn't it?
  • Keep some in stock for fbm for when these issues arise.
  • I raise the price to slow down sales in anticipation of running out... if the product is popular and well ranked, sales continue - so with lesser sales you may end up making similar type of profits while you expect the next shipment... better planning = higher revenues over long term... but there is no perfect planning...
  • Does either hurt rankings @constantine ? ie: Does it hurt rankings if you raise price with less sales? vs Being out of stock? Which is worse? I am about to run into the same issue.
  • @learntoearn I have done that in the past multiple times. I think there are 2 factors that happens:
    1) I do agree with @constantine where if your ranking is good, you will get even some extra profit margins and dampen the sale a bit but then i realize this last time that happened... (see 2)
    2) my competitor took over my listing and because my conversion ratio went down (IMO), my competition's listing gained a foothold and earned a better conversion ration now and while I am trying to restock, my competition is still owning that placement.

    so if you are going to run out, i say just let it run out; if you think you can restock in time, I might mess with pricing a bit to slow it down. just IMO
  • Thank you @Richie Obie Once you restock and go back to your normal price, I wonder if you will get your spot right back? I will have a 3 to 4 day window of being out of stock if I don't inflate pricing so I'm worried I will lose quite a bit of rankings. How long in your experience does the product bounce back after being restocked? or does it not for quite some time until you build up traction again.
  • i've never had the rank tracking tools and actively follow the listing daily when i am out of stock back to original position. so unfortunately i don't have any data. one thing i want to suggest is perhaps doing FBM and taking a hit on a few slow shipping days. but i would be curious to know your outcome though in either decision/strategy you choose to do.
  • I am sure you loose your rank when you are out... a) sales rank is just that sales rank... lower sales (or no sales) = lower rank... it is a fluid system... someone goes up, someone goes down... and it all moves... naturally when you are out of stock, people continue buying and making choices based on what is available... whatever they buy as an alternative is inceasing both sales rank and keyword ranking for those who sell in the meantime... Thus, it may be a good idea to give away some product and do more reviews when you are back in stock...
    I really do think that a % of every shipment should be used for marketing every time new shipment comes in... it just makes sense. Call it your marketing budget, because it is :)
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