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why amztracker remind reviewer left review said get a discount to review the prodcut

recently I used amzon review club ,offer a big discount , some buyer bought my items, and left reviews, all in 5 star review, that is good.

but till now, 90% buyer ,in the end of his review, will add one word "I purchased this product at a reduced price in return for an honest and unbiased review. "

yesterday one buyer left an email to me that with amz tracker's original email shows the promo code , in the end of the email, amztracker remind buyer "Please disclose in your review that you received this product in exchange for a review."

why amztracker ask buyer do this? because it is not very good to our seller, if buyer come to our listing, saw every review said "get a big discount exchange for review", they will think it is a fake review. not an honest review. means seller paid to buyer left good review.


  • Hey @michelle88 we do this because it's required in Amazon's TOS. If you don't do this then sometimes the reviews don't stick. Amazon is more likely to delete them.

    You are more than welcome to delete this (you have the option when creating your Review Club listing), but the risk is on you if you do it this way.

    We like to play by Amazon's rules :smile: It's their platform, so we should all play nice.
  • @michelle88 , better safe than sorry... and remember that reviews are a double edged sword - you get higher conversion due to buyer confidence and higher ranking due to the algorithm... Most buyers glance through reviews... and disclosure makes it more real... I would not remove the disclaimer, if I were you.
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