Competitors Keywords

Does AMZ tracker tell us what competitors rank for in terms of keywords? Or is it something that we need to provide and check their rankings?

I know its a long shot but I thought I ask. I usually use SEMRush for stuff like that it's a bit harder to use for a specific competitor.

Any idea?


  • Nah unfortunately it doesn't exist. Another product even had something similar, but had to shut it down and didn't work very well.

    My co-founder and I talked before about trying to build this, but it's a HUUUUGE task, so if we ever do it will be down the road.

    As for now, the easiest way is just to look at your competitors title & bullet points. 9/10 times the keywords will be in that section.
  • I bet it's a hard task. Yes that's what I have been doing (looking at their bullet points). It's interesting how little keywords some of them use and still outrank us. It must be the ratings and back-end search terms then (I guess).
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