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How long do your listings take to update?

I'm not sure if it's just me - but when I try to update my listings via seller central ('Edit' in Inventory view), it updates in this view but not on the actual listing. I know Amazon says it can take 15minutes but I've given it 4 days....

Does anybody else experience this? It's my own brand so I created the listing in the first place. Very frustrating.


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    It's happened to me before.

    1) Are there other sellers on the listing now?
    2) Are you both FBA and FBM on the listing? If so, remove one of them and you'll probably get control of it. This is what always happened with me.

    This will probably solve the problems. If not Amazon seller support will be able to help you.

  • Hey Travis, thanks for your reply!

    There is no other sellers on the listing so far, and hopefully it stays that way since it's my own product :)

    Ahhhh yes it's doubled up as merchant and FBA, so I will remove FBM and see how it goes. Thank you!
  • My pleasure. Please post back and let us know how it worked out.
  • This happens more often than not, support explains it away as "detail page control", citing a set of criteria that assigns detail page control to one seller or another based on unpublished variables. Basically, they have locked down the product details and you have to open a seller support case to request them to change the product details.

    "Detail page control determines which title, description, image, and other product information is displayed. This allows Amazon to create a single detail page for a specific product, even when there are multiple sellers of that product. One page per product results in a better buying experience for the customer. We do not modify detail page control rankings manually. Our automated system regularly reviews and updates the rankings. Some factors that affect detail page control are a seller's sales volume, refund rate, buyer feedback, and A-to-z Guarantee claims. "

    Be prepared for boilerplate pushback! I recently went times back and forth six times over 24 hours to change the product detail page for a product, the listing which I did not create, but for which I am the only seller. They want to see the manufacturer website (none available), they want to see other proof before making the changes.

    "Please write back to us with the valid manufacture URL, so that we can look in to the issue further to take necessary action."

    Granted, these are call-center support agents in overseas offices, often ESL, who usually start by cutting and pasting a standard response. The first response I usually get is "you must contribute changes to your active listing before I can help you", even though I have already done that.

    "While checking I found that there is no contribution from your side for the information that you have provided to us. so please provide the exact information that to be reflected on the website."

    Just be polite, stick to the facts, and keep requesting them to change the product, and offering the change evidence they request.

    "We would modify our catalog only when some of the information displayed is incorrect."

    Finally, I had to itemize each and every change and explain it step by step for the support agent.

    1. Product title (edited for content)
    2. Bullet Points (fix typos and edit for content)
    3. Product Description (misleading and confusing for shoppers)
    4. Main image and supplementary images
    5. Wrong product category

    I was not tangibly changing the listing, I was optimizing the Title, KPF and Description for copy and keywords, but the whole listing, including the photos, was a disaster.

    Finally, after itemizing the changes step-by-step, the third support agent who handled the case fixed everything except the category, so I had to re-open the case to get that fixed. It's an exercise in patience, and it might work faster by calling, but I usually work after hours so I can't always do that.

    For a few months last year, Seller Central had a Do-It-Yourself detail page change which worked pretty easily, now it has to go to a support case if it doesn't update automatically.

    So if your product page doesn't update, open a support case, keep it polite and professional every step of the way, stay persistent, and you'll get your product page updated.
  • Hey now @RaymondU with the value bomb!
    Thanks so much for shedding some light on this and sharing your experience. I am definitely saving this for future reference.

  • Seriously that was a value bomb! Thank you so much RaymondU.

    It's also highlighted the importance of getting everything right before contacting seller support to update (compared with changing a keyword or phrase here and there, as I can on my own webstore).

    I agree with the support being a case of luck of the draw, I've had the same experience with going through 2 or 3 personal only to FINALLY get the help I needed with the 4th (and really good help too, they seem to be either fantastic or a complete waste of time)

    Anyway, thanks again, I will go through the steps you outlined and report back with any experience that may be valuable for others.

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