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Best Practices with Variations

What are the best practices when adding a product that's tied to a variation? I have a supplement listing that has 30, 60 and 90 day options. In manage inventory, the variation listing has unique ASIN's for the 3 options, but a unique ASIN for the variation group. Should the ASIN for the variation group be used?


  • Hi Uban,

    My understanding here is that when you add any of the ASINS (child or parent), the parent will be added. When you tick the box to track all parent&children, then your keyword tracking will track when the first instance of any child shows (this will only ever be one appearance per keyword as amazon conglomerate them into one listing, showing the most popular first).

    Technically, a parent SKU is not searchable / does not index in search queries, it is just an ASIN heading (that appreciatively can be uniquely visited).

    I hope this helps even just a tiny bit.

    Kind Regards
  • @Uban Also, Amazon does switch the child ASINs around for the same product on the search page (e.g. a product ranking at 2nd place will show variation A, then variation B an hour later at the same rank, same keyword).

    The main reasons not to tick "Track Parent Product and All Variations" is if you want particular Super URLs going to a certain variation only.
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