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What is the best way to understand a competitors sales?

is this possible to determine a competitors sales if a competitor has over 1000 sales per day? is there a way to get sales for a particular keyword?


  • Sorry Leo,
    But it's just not even possible. It's a limitation from the Amazon end, not us.

    Believe me I would personally LOVE to have this for my own use, but I doubt it will ever happen in the foreseeable future.

  • tks travis will keep hacking away mate :)
  • Travis, In your video on this, you mentioned you will have to do the math. Can you explain? What do I need to look at to try to get an estimate of per day sales?
  • The question above is specifically for those products that have over 1,000 units in inventory
  • Here's what I do not understand about the program. For several of our products, we have 4000+ units in inventory and the Tracker Tracks both our sales and inventory with lazerlike precision. Then for other products, it says "more than 1000" or "more than 4 sellers"...

    Why is it able to track our sales? See screenclip example below (seller details removed):

  • @Chase great question!
    The reason is that AMZ Tracker tries to track "each variation" for you. So if you have 4 variations, and only 1 of them has over 1000 then we can track the other 3, but you would still get the warning symbol.

    Here is a GIF for it (give it a second to load):
    Amazon Sales Tracking

    @learntoearn When I say "do the math" it unfortunately doesn't work if there are over 1k in stock. Doing the math can work if the listing has too many sellers, as you can use some common sense to figure out which is which, but for the 1k problem it's not possible :(
  • I appreciate this detailed answer. Is there another way to estimate. For example, if I'm in the #7 to #11 spot and have no data on #1 spot, then what's the best way to estimate their volume.
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