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Reviews for products listed on Amazon IT and ES

I don't seem to be getting any reviewers for my products on these countries, is there anything I can do to increase the possibility from these countries wanting to review my product?


  • There shouldn't be too many people from those countries unfortunately. We only officially support USA/UK, although there are a few others scattered around, but not in any great numbers (YET!).
  • ok thanks Travis, very clear.

    If I was to give incredible discounts (99%), on Spain and Italy, is it possible a few reviewers from the UK would purchase from their and give me a review? (Doesn't matter if it is in English)
  • When I started reviewing, the UK site had just begun. I was looking at the other locations available at the time, but items wouldn't/couldn't be shipped to the UK.

    If that has changed or your item could be sent here, then I can't see why there would be issues (coming from a reviewer, I wouldn't have a problem waiting for a product knowing it's coming from another country.)
  • ok thanks a lot for the reply
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