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I run a group on FB about Amz Review Trader that we use for discussions. I was given, via a private message, a ton of undeniable proof tonight. On a user who's reselling products she is receiving to review. Most, if not all, from this site unopened and at high prices. The user who provided all the proof was able to obtain the reseller's Amazon Profile and images of the for sale listings (which were posted on FB in a group). Her Amazon profile shows she did the reviews for these products. Obviously without ever opening or trying them. Where do I forward all the information I was given so the user can be dealt with accordingly?


  • Just send me their details and I'll take care of it. Thanks!
    Hey Everyone, full of both happiness and sadness I have moved on from AMZ Tracker. If you need anything hit up for help.

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  • Sent, if you need anymore information please let me know. Thanks for taking care of this so quickly.
  • Same problem here too, reviewer resell it on amazon for 1c cheaper, we lost buy box because of that. Sending to the details now, Travis. Please help!
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