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Is there anyway we can get reviewers emails?

We are having an issue, where a lot of reviewers are not leaving seller feedback, is there a way we can get their email and then we can follow up with them directly asking them to leave seller feedback.


  • I suggest doing your follow ups through amazon "contact seller". You can ask for feedback but make sure you do it within the guidelines of amazon seller rules
  • oh ok, but is there anyway to get their email from amztracker?
  • Not on a bulk scale. If there is ever a specific problem then you can let us know and we can put you in touch, but on a grand scale no.

  • I was on this site for months before I was clued into the fact that we were supposed to leave seller feedback. Now I go through once a month or so and leave it for everyone I've gotten items from in that time. My suggestion is to put "Please leave us seller feedback as well as a product review" in the instructions the reviewers get when you approve them.
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