Product Description Indexed for Keywords?


Over in a different discussion forum, someone said the product description is not indexed for keywords, but in one of the last AMZtracker emails, it said to put in 1000 chars and longtail keywords into the description. Certainly it does not hurt, but just wanted confirmation that the description of a product should be tuned for keywords.




  • No one (even us) know with 100% certainty what is used and what is not in the ranking algorithm. But, I can say with confidence that the top rankings products almost always use keywords in the description. And... even if it's not used, it's still a great place to boost customer sales and help with Google rankings. That's the worst case scenario.
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  • Adding KWs to description also helps CTR because Amazon shows snippets from your detail page on your product's search result.
  • I have a feeling they are weighted slightly.. I've tested phrases that appear nowhere else on my page and noticed increased rankings.

    Also they are useful for adding in keywords that you want to use in your PPC campaigns but dont make sense in the bullets/ dont have room
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