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5 basic tips for better product photography for Amazon.

edited January 2016 in General
It is no mystery that changing those blurry, low-quality product photos will not only make you look like a more professional/trustworthy seller but it will actually increase your conversion rate.

So I wanted to share some beginner tips for all of you so you can take professional grade product photos at home!

Rule number #1:
Get the right light. I cant stress this enough. Natural light in this case is your best friend. For best results try in the early afternoon.

Rule number #2:
Get a white background. You don't need to go out to the local photography store and spend a small fortune on a high-end backdrop. Go to your local arts and crafts store and pick up some fabric or construction paper. Both will work fine for this.

Rule number #3:
Most product photography pros will shoot the product with the camera at the same level as the product so that it comes out at "eye-level". But don't be afraid to play with unusual angles and close-ups. (But make sure to accurately reflect your products size to ensure the customer is happy with their purchase)

Rule number #4:
Use a tripod. Even the slightest movement or vibration can cause motion blur.

Rule number #5:
Learn to edit. It doesn't take years at a fancy photography school to learn how to crop and edit pictures.
Keep all your product photos the same size, keep them natural (avoid filters) and learn color correction. If you aren't comfortable inside Adobe's editing software - choose from one of the 1000's that are available online for free.

These are just some basic tips that may come helpful for those of you out there wanting to learn to shoot your own product photos.

Happy shooting everybody!


  • #6. Hire a professional, if you are serious about making money on Amazon. :)
    I don't service my car, don't do roofing or plumbing for my house and sure as hell (despite being an aspiring amateur photographer) won't do a perfect job of something that experienced professionals with great professional equipment do every day. Hire a pro! : )
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