Unicorn Smasher help

I have recently started using this tool and have been loving it, but now when I search with a keyword, none of the ranking or sales numbers appear. Is there something I'm missing? Was this just a trial version? Thanks for the help.



  • It should be working fine (it is for me). If you're still having problems send in a support request. Just hit the "contact" button on the top of this page: http://help.unicornsmasher.com/
    Hey Everyone, full of both happiness and sadness I have moved on from AMZ Tracker. If you need anything hit up Support@AMZtracker.com for help.

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  • I'm having the same issue and contact the help desk. They told me that changes in Amazon had led to the reduced number of sales results and thtat they were working on it. Is there any update from that? I am still getting greatly reduced results from whenI initially installed it.
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