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Anyone Tried Viral-Launch? What's your opinion?

SammySammy ✭✭
edited January 2016 in General
Hey has anyone here heard of or used Viral Launch? What's been your experience?

Can't find much info online and their website has no real trust factors.... But interested in one of their services for ranking an Amazon listing in Google


  • Big reddit thread about Viral Launch.

    Basically looks like the same thing as Zonblast, or just using our Review Club blasted out. I think the consensus is that dripped sales is better than blasts.

    However... I would personally consider using one of these after giving out plenty of dripped reviews, then using a blast to push it to the top, followed by continuing to give out more after to maintain the rankings (which is the biggest complaint with these, the rankings falling off dramatically right after).
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited January 2016
    Hey @charlienyc - Happy Amztracker customer here.

    I was only interested in a productised service from Viral-launch launched that involves ranking your product listings in Google's search engine. I didn't go ahead with them due to a couple of concerns with their product.

    It's still in very early stages and I couldn't get to see some actual results / testimonials / case studies besides anonymous screenshots etc. I understand the reasoning for this - but I don't trust anyone with seo unless I know them or their reputation well enough.

    I did chat with the developer/founder briefly who was very helpful and did seem genuine in all fairness to him. But naturally he couldn't go into much detail about what they were actually offering.

    Secret sauce type of stuff ;) which I understand - particularly with Amazon. But I needed some specifics and not another sales page....
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