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New way to get verified reviews?

I see so many sellers still pushing dozens of verified reviews. How do they do that? Some of our giveaway.. reviews also appear as verified but its only like 2%. Is there a glitch or something we don't know? C'mon guys, share with this Amazing community, you can't keep it all to yourself :)


  • @TheDoc, yeah there are sellers who found a work around to get verified reviews and they keep going. There must be something we don't know. I doubt they just give <50% promos to reviewers, because the majority of reviewers are conditioned to get products for free, 99% off of etc.
  • I dont think anyone has a secret. Amazon's system is just buggy..sometimes they leave the verifieds, sometimes they don't. SOmetimes they take away the badge from full-priced buys.
  • Like TheDoc mentioned there are many sellers who "recovered" from unverifed reviews and they keep getting dozens of verified reviews, per product, on daily basis. It can't be a buggy Amazon's system rewarding them with verified reviews.
  • Join the discussion @Sven , seems like you got something important to say
  • so whats the secret?
  • Did someone tried to set giveaways discount to more than 30% of the price?
    Just realise that when you create a promo on Amazon there is a warning message saying:

    "The promotion you entered will result in a discount of greater than 70%. If this discount amount is correct, click "Submit" to create your promotion."

    Maybe that's the current threshold for getting verified reviews?
  • TheDoc said:

    Finally, did someone find the secret of verified reviews?

    I am sure there are people who know the new approach but they won't share it in public.
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