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Looking for an Amazon contractor to hire (account management, keyword selection, optimization, etc)

edited May 2016 in General
Hey Everyone,
A friend of mine works at a kind of toy company in Vietnam and they are looking for someone to hire to help them on Amazon.

Basically they don't have any idea what to do on Amazon. They have some retailers selling their stuff (including Amazon itself at one time), but they are seeing their margin fly out the window. Also they have zero idea about finding and targeting keywords, product giveaways, listing optimization, etc.

If anyone is interested please PM me and I'll connect you. If I don't already know you personally please provide some sort of info on your experience and what you know.

P.S. The products they sell are not easily replicated, so it's not worth it for anyone just trying to find a new niche :)


  • Hey Travis! I know someone who would be very interested
  • I am wondering if there is any company who would manage amz software along with other marketings. Someone who currently running a amztracker on their amazon store. Looking for part timer
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