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You’re Invited to the first round AMZ Meetups - 24 May 2016

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edited May 2016 in General
We’re inviting all AMZ Sellers, friends, business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to join us for the launch of Monthly AMZ Meetups, starting with our BETA Meetups this month! (plus we’re looking for hosts, read more below!)

Four AMZ Meetups running this month:

1. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
2. Bangkok, Thailand
3. Taipei, Taiwan
4. Prague, Europe

Check out the details and reserve your spot:

Come meet some new faces and help create the meet up you’ve always wanted (and one that you and your friends look forward to every month!)

Whether you’re looking to be a part of network of empowering people, an existing AMZ Seller or just want to unwind and relax in great company, come along and connect with like-minded people in a relaxed casual environment.

We want to hear from you:

- Want to run a meet up? Tell us a bit about you with the Subject: Meetups Host at [email protected]
- Have feedback on what you want to see in a meet up? Let us know with the Subject: Meetups Feedback or post below

The AMZ Tracker Team

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  • Hi, I sell on Amazon and I want to host a meet up in the Phoenix AZ area, how do I do this?
  • @Jason88 Thanks for reaching out about the meetup. For more infor on how to host one in your city, please get in touch by emailing us: [email protected] :)

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