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Hey, I sell on Amazon and I want to host a meet up in Phoenix Arizona.

What's the best way to find other sellers in my area I can invite to a get-together?


  • Hey Jason, Victoria here from AMZ Tracker. Love this! We'd love to have you host a meetup in Phoenix. We'll be releasing some more information over the next few days with the full information on meetups (I'll update here for you too). But a quick breakdown to help you get the ball rolling before the official update,

    - Meetups are completely volunteer run, we'll have some rules to stick to with setting it up, but you can choose the location. Start thinking of some ideas!
    - Facebook seller groups,, local forums are a great starting point. Have friends that run businesses or interested in selling? Invite them along too!
    - There will be some initial bonuses for attendees and hosts (again more info coming soon)

    We're looking to run the next round in the second week of June, and once we release the full details soon, you'll be able to get set up for a month that works for you.

    Keep your eyes peeled :)
    AMZ Tracker Staff Member - please email [email protected] with any questions relating to your account. We are unable to keep track of them here!
  • Jason88Jason88
    edited June 2016
    Hi Victoria, nice to hear from you. I'd love to host the first few events to get things started here in Phoenix. I love networking and helping people connect. I've been importing from China for about ten years and I speak Mandarin so I could give a free class about importing etc. I'm happy to help in any way I can, I mainly just want to meet other sellers in my area. I'm taking my family on vacation the second and third week of June but after that I'm free to set things up here.

    Let me know.

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