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I am seeing many sellers in the 'health supplement' space advertising using HEADLINE ADS (part of Amazon Marketing Services or AMS).

To gain access to AMS you need a Vendor Express or Vendor Central account. However, supplements are not eligible with Vendor Express.

To become part of Vendor Central an invitation is required, (usually given to large sellers). However, there are many mid-size sellers using AMS ads. Also, when you click on the listing all of the supplement headline ads show the listing is FBA -- not Ships and Sold by Amazon...

Does anyone know how they might be doing this???

Thank you.


  • Hello,

    I do not know much about Vendor Express or Vendor Central however these types of ads are available in the Amazon Advantage Seller Program. Not that I would recommend Amazon Advantage but if you opened up an account with one item you may be able to run ads with different items (I have never tried running these types of ads). They just started charging a $99 per year fee to have an account and I just closed our account after having it for about 8 years or so as I prefer to use regular FBA and to have control over our listings more. Through Amazon Advantage we did movies but I am pretty sure that they now allow many items from many other categories now.

    Thanks, Carl
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