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Why can I increase BSR faster than keyword ranking?

Hi all,
I have been using the review club to launch a new product for over a week now, slowly drip feeding sales on Amazon UK. The product I am selling really only has one main keyword that people search for. I have been using a SuperURL for my main keyword however I am not FBA. I managed to reach 2nd in the BSR for my category in the 3rd day after an intital high demand for my product. Since the first few days, sales from the review club have slowed down and I am now 7th / 8th in my category, which I am happy with. However for my main keyword ranking I am still on the 5th page and have not increased over the last week, despite the fact I have risen to the top 10 in the BSR in my category. Can anyone shed some light as to how I can have such a high BSR after a week of sales but still a low keyword ranking despite using a SuperURL targeting my main keyword?


  • You need to make increse sales, Then it will be increase faster
  • Hi @gdogg, I'd recommend that you don't focus on the BSR it's mostly a vanity metric, Good article from CPC strategy on amazon BSR here "it will always fluctuate there’s are a lot of factors and variables that indirectly contribute to your products BSR including but not limited to factors that also contribute to organic ranking on search terms: total sales history, recent sales velocity, repricing, and advertising." Merry christmas, happy selling.
  • it can stable your product ranking and help in search result.
  • If you get more and more sells than your BSR increase quickly. Sells not depends on keyword ranking. you could sells more by PPC.
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