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Dealing With Malicious Competitors

edited June 2016 in General
What's up guys,

I'm sure a lot of people on here sell in the supplement space or similar.

I have a competitor attacking my listings by buying the product and making complaints about the 'safety', we use one of the top manufacturers in the Country and our QC is top notch, there's no actual product issues.

Any thoughts on the best way to combat this? I know e-mailing amazon and blaming a competitor isn't going to work. If someone has battled through this, would love to chat.

If my competitor that is doing this is on here -

Here's the email we received from Amazon :
"We have removed your listing because of a buyer complaint about the safety of an item they received from you. Your listing will remain inactive until we can work with you to resolve the concern.

To maintain a trusted marketplace for buyers and sellers, we take immediate action when we identify a buyer complaint regarding the condition and authenticity of products.
What you can do

If you believe this was in error and would like your listing reinstated, email [email protected] and let us know. When you respond, include the following:

What is the issue that caused the complaint.
Steps you have taken to resolve the issue and ensure similar complaints won’t happen again.
Any additional details you would like us to know.

What happens next

We'll review the information you send and get back to you with an answer as soon as possible. When we respond, we may ask you for additional details or to revise your plan of action. If we can confirm the information you provide and your plan of action sufficiently addresses the complaint, we will reinstate your listing on your behalf immediately.

Please remember that additional complaints about your listings may result in the removal of your Amazon selling privileges. "

Other notes:
- they won't tell us what the 'incident' was
- they won't give any other information aside from the above


  • I hear more and more cases like this. Makes me sick to think of competitors sabotaging people's listings. We had one go down recently due to a complaint.

    To reinstate the listing, you basically need to send a detailed plan on how you will improve the problem. Good idea to have one of these on boilerplate. You must accept full responsibility, drag on about how important customer experience is to you, offer to show invoices proving product is from a legit and good manufacturer and go on and on about all the great improvements you'll make to customer experience.

    In reality, Amazon doesn't give a good god damn about the complaint OR your product. They just can't ignore a safety complaint that could lead to a liability claim. So you've got to play the game.

    Also, raise an investigation case into the source of the complaint and try like hell to learn about what the customer said and who they are. They won't tell you, but you may help get things resolved faster when the realize it was a false complaint and give you information on what to send regarding improvements.

    Also, don't rule out that you may have something to improve about your product. We have one liquid ingestible that this happened to. Knowing i'd never figure out who the f*k might be messing with me, I opted instead to genuinely think about how we can improve the product - after all, a small percentage do break when handled roughly.

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