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We've got some perks.. for Hangout Hosts! Find out more inside :)

Hey AMZ Tracker Family,

We have just launched AMZ Tracker Hangouts, they're super casual get-togethers for you guys (our sellers) and your local community that are interested in selling. They take place monthly every first Thursday of the month around the world.. but we need your help!

How cool would it be to have an amazing group of like-minded AMZ community and friends hanging out on the same day all around the world??

So, we're putting the call out for Hangout Hosts. Host an Hangout on the 7th July, and we'll throw in a Lifetime 25% bonus on your keyword limits. So sign up, get a Hangout running in your city, make some new connections and grab our awesome perk with it. Not too shabby!

Find out more about the Hangouts and Hosting here:

You can also email us directly at [email protected] with the Subject: "Hangouts" and I'll get back to you asap.

AMZ Tracker Staff Member - please email [email protected] with any questions relating to your account. We are unable to keep track of them here!
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