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Keyword Ranking

Hello All!!!

I am ranked number 122 for a keyword I am trying to rank number 1 for. How can I get to number 1 for that particular keyword.

1. Do I need to increase my cost-per-click in my campaign for that keyword?
2. Do I need to do more giveaways for that particular keyword?

I have tried to learn from the staff at Amazon, but either they don't know or they won't say.

Thanks a bunch!!!

I wish everyone the best success in selling!


  • There is no moderator help.... Usually no1 replies here....
    I guess you need to increase Cost Per Click... or share your super link on FB any blog...

    Giveaways actually is not connected to super link.. so it will not effect the ranking of keyword you selected in super link
    hope it helps
  • I can help you
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