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Title Character Count Changes

Hey guys,

We're getting some feedback from different sellers that Amazon is about to change the product title length leading to listings being suppressed. In some cases it's already started...

Seems that the Health and Personal Care category will go down to 50 characters, while the Clothing section will be 80 characters in length.

A message to a seller from an Amazon support agent:
"the main reason for your listings to be suppressed is because of the number of characters in the title. Please make sure that the title is within 80 characters."

Who else has seen this happen recently? Please go and check your Inventory tab to see if you have anything listed in the "Suppressed" section.


  • Can anyone else confirm this? I haven't noticed any suppressed listings on my end but it did notice some of the top players started shorteting their titles
  • edited July 2016
    I haven't seen anything... yet

    I personally I might just stick with the longer ones until a suppression happens, then just correct it if I need to. Unless I get some sort of confirmation about it first of course.

    If you remember last time there were character changes they mostly only hurt new listings, older ones were grandfathered in.
  • Nothing of mine has been suppressed yet.

    I've found that when I tried to update my title by copy/paste, my listings flagged as being over the character length for the style guidelines.

    I did get around this by manually typing in the changes I wanted, leaving some of the existing title text there. So it was a minor title change.

    You may still have to raise a ticket with Seller Central, but I found that if it's quite similar you'll get approved. I've also had 1 denied, so I waited a few days raised another ticket (to get a new rep) and they approved it.
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