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Is it good idea to use Fiverr to get Wishes and reviews votes?

Using Fiverr to get reviews may be risky. But is it good idea to get wishes and review votes? As I never tried before. The freelancers said deliver quickly from more than 4000 accounts with different geographic location, while I still doubt, if we get too much wish and search volume within one or two days, will I get punished by Amazon?


  • edited October 2015
    Hey guys,
    I just edited this old thread from May. Some of the reviewers on Reddit just brought this back up, and added some fresh perspectives on it that help see things in a different light.

    I do not recommend that anyone use any of the voting services. It's against the TOS (and can hurt your Amazon account), it's shady, and on top of it all it can really hurt the reviewers.

    What a lot of us sellers don't realize is that reviewers are also trying to improve their rankings. Just like a seller would for their product, a reviewer tries to improve their "reviewer rating", and they work very hard to accomplish that.

    When fake voting happens it can really unfairly hurt their efforts. They are giving an honest opinion of a product, and we should all respect what the opinion is.

    TL:DR - Don't use fiverr votes.
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