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Improve Keyword Rankings

In amz tracker guide say: ... Know Your Keyword Rankings: If you know where you rankings are then you can work to improve them.
can explain me how to improve?


  • To achieve better rankings, you need to get more consistent sales for your keywords.

    There many ways you can do this, Here are a few quick examples to improve your keyword rankings:

    Make sure your listing is optimized for keywords i.e are your main keywords in your title / description / bullet points?

    Using Amazon PPC to show a sponsored listing for your keywords, generating sales for those words and in turn helping you to rank.

  • you can improve your review,less your price for traffic which help to rank your product..
  • Keyword rank improve depends on many of reasons
    1. Products Listing.
    2. products quolity .
    3. sells
    4. review
    And some other things.
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