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Power trip reviewers

Can someone give me their thoughts on this? I'm trying to figure out if giving discounted products are worth the effort anymore.

Here's my concern/beef. I seem to see more and more reviewers getting on a power trip using the discounted products they receive as a platform to launch some kind of celebrity like following for themselves. It doesn't just seem to be folks getting a good discount to give their honest feedback in exchange anymore.

Rather, it's more like they get the product for the main purpose of trying to create a following for themselves. They are in it mainly for the "helpful" votes and the best way to go about that is to pick apart a product like they are some expert on every thing they receive.

Case in point, I have seen reviewers redefine Amazon's star rating system giving a their own definition of what each one means and posting those new definitions in their review as if Amazon's ratings are inadequate for "their" reviews.

I've seen reviewers pick apart a product and recommend a competitor instead.

I've seem them list out certain ingredients in a skincare item after doing some half-baked research on the ingredient in Google so they can "sound" like they are an expert which in realty, they have no idea what they are talking about, yet they do damage to the brand with their misleading and incorrect information and confuse other potential customers.

I've seen reviewers post this in their review: "When I saw this item on my amztracker site, I just had to buy it at a discounted price..."

I have even seen them list the discounted price that they paid in their review (for example: "I bought this for the discount price of $1.00).

Am I wrong here in thinking that they should simply be telling how they like or dislike a product instead of trying to create a name for themselves on our dime and posting sensitive information that can cause the seller more headaches than helping us like the price, where they got the discount etc?

Also, I would like to see the reviewers simply put that they received the item for free if they did receive it for free and put that they received it at a discounted price if they receive it for a discounted price... but most of them post a blanketed and generic "free or discounted price" in their review. Or a generic, "free or HUGE discounted price".

And another problem I see brewing is that regular, full price customers are starting to become very hostile towards "discounted" or "free" item reviews. I have seen verified customers leave reviews that make very harsh accusations against merchants claiming that the merchant's reviews are fake and/or paid for because of the free/discounted disclaimer and they are warning other potential buyers to beware right in the review they leave.

So far, we haven't experienced this but we have experienced the "power trip" reviewers. And honestly, we find that we have to spend too much time going to each reviewer's profile page to dig through their reviews to determine who is trying to act the part of expert and who just wants to review discounted items honestly. We don't approve reviewers that seem to be on a power trip, list the discounted price they paid, recommend alternate products like they are gurus on the subject, or use any other type of hostile, harsh reviewing tactics. We certainly do not expect all 4 or 5 star reviews and we are not looking for fake feedback. However, as sellers, we should be able to expect a certain level of professional courtesy when negative reviews are warranted. You can say what you need to say without being harsh and nasty. Am I wrong?

I know I have said a lot, but I'm wondering if anyone here and experienced any of these things yet? And I'm wondering what exactly are the benefits anymore especially since none of the good reviews count toward improving your overall rating anymore. What am I missing???? Thanks!


  • Hey there, Reviewer Manager Kyla here!

    I hope I can address some of your beefs.

    We do have a lot of education resources for our reviewers to help them be the best, most helpful reviewers they can be.

    We instruct them to review following Amazon’s guidelines. That means being informative, helpful and honest.

    You can suggest to them not to mention the discount amount or AMZ Review Trader, but they don’t have to follow seller suggestions.

    Their main goal is to be honest, informative and helpful to other customers.

    If a reviewer is doing something besides honest reviewing, like putting seller feedback in their product review, or threatening a seller with a negative review, please email us to report those reviewers.

    That way we can look into the account and take action against them if necessary.

    At this time, the best way to ensure you’ll only be interacting with the kinds of reviewers you want to is to do the kind of research you mentioned.

    We always appreciate the feedback! We do our best to manage the community, but with so many reviewers, that means not all are expert reviewers.

  • There are a few problems here.
    1. AMZ Tracker removed the instructions field where we could communicate with buyers and indicate what we are looking for specifically. This was a very bad change and has caused us to use the service less and less.

    2. There are a ton of bad reviewers out there doing all of the above and more. So we have become hyper judicious how we give out our discounted products. Because after all, the cost to do these promotions is extremely high.

    I recommend that you look at the reviewers profile HEAVILY before sending a discount. You can see what they will likely do from what they have done in the past. If you get even a whiff of any of the above, just delete them. It would also be helpful if AMZ Tracker could add a feature so we could permanently delete them so they cannot ever reapply for our discounts.

    We have sent in "bad actor" reviewers before, and nothing was done. It is too much effort as well. You just need to add the above so we can ban them for ourselves.
  • Thanks for bringing up this issue.I received one such annoying review and see how many votes it got!!

    I have a solid product with good organic reviews and this is a letdown..on the other hand, buyers don't seem to take it too seriously tho i'm sure many potential customers are lost due to this review which doesn't even seem to follow Amazon's review TOS which states the product review should be about the product itself...

    Would love to hear your kind advise..
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