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Paid Campaign strategy question when have similar but different products

edited August 2016 in General
I have a question that lies around the structure of how you would set up your paid campaigns for products that all fall under the same category; but are still different. For example, if I sold beach hats (each with a different ASIN), I would have lots of beach hats made out of different materials & design - some would be canvas, some would be mesh, some might have Mickey and some might have surfers.

I appear to have two options for the structure of my campaigns - option A is to have a different campaign & keywords for each ASIN and option B is to have one campaign with all ASIN's and all keywords.

The downside to option A is that wouldn't I be competing against myself as a canvas hat might be competing against a Mickey hat. (And what happens when I have duplicate keywords like 'beach hat' across multiple campaigns?)

The downside to option B is that I loose the ability to see what keywords are driving what sales for specific ASIN's.

Does anyone have experience with paid campaigns when selling similar but different products on Amazon?

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