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Odd Flash Mob of Product Review Requests

My product in the review club ordinarily only gets 1 request every 3 days. Twice now, a mob of about 25 requests would suddenly come in at the same time. The reviewers all have pretty high ranking, <300k level, but they all review a lot of romance/erotic novels. I've yet to grant them reviews.

What's the deal with these guys?


  • They will re sell your products on other platforms like eBay etc. , so in the end you loose potential customers.

    When selecting reviewers see how much they review a month and whats their review velocity. If someone reviews 100s products monthly or has a pattern where new account reviews on daily basis - it means they do it for profit. This is how tons of reviewers make money leeching from your giveaways.
  • That's really odd. Feel free to PM me the email you use to login and I can take a closer look! And I agree with hoperr that it doesn't hurt to be cautious here.
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