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Confused about URLs

I've noticed that my Amazon URL sometimes has keywords prior to the /dp/ portion of the URL, and sometimes it does not, depending on how the page is found.

I never selected these keywords for the URL. If possible I'd like to format this portion of the URL. Does anyone know how these are generated, what their function is, and if these can be edited?


  • TL;DR: It doesn’t seem to be changeable, so don’t worry about it. :)


    The information I found is a bit dated, so I’m not sure it still applies. Regardless, here’s how I understand it: It’s not 100% known how Amazon generates its URLs, but there are (as you mention) multiple URLs that will lead to the same Amazon listing.

    For example, when you look at an item of your own inventory, it should only have a short ASIN-based URL. But if you look at another seller’s storefront, the URL will contain title elements, keywords, as well as the ASIN. And if you search for an item, the title elements and the search query will appear in the URL.

    The different URLs are not really meaningful for buyer or seller. But, search engines want to be told the URLs are all the same — and learn which one you prefer (the canonical URL).

    Amazon therefore lets the search engines know that all these URLs are really one and the same. Otherwise they would direct to different, but identical looking, pages (which would make it hard to rank URLs for keywords).

    Unfortunately, there’s no known way of manipulating the canonical URL. See this link for some examples and further explanation. But, let it be noted, the information is quite old by internet standards. If someone could confirm this, please go ahead.

    Hope it helped!
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