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Adwords and Amazon Listings

So I mostly sell product off Amazon, but I'm starting to focus mainly on Amazon. Margins aren't as good, but it's SOOO much easier. For products I don't have a proper e-comm funnel for, I'm going to send some Adwords traffic to the canonical URL on Amazon.

As Sir. Travis often writes, this can improve rankings, traffic and conversions on Amazon.

My first few ads got "Approved (limited)" status in adwords due to "Trademark (complex)" policy code. Basically, ads are not running. Anyone know what to do about that?


  • Nevermind. Must be a system glitch. This is perfectly allowed by amazon, even encouraged. I had to e-mail Adwords with a link to Amazon's policy and they removed the limitations immediately.
  • Hey Rob, thanks for your post.

    How is the Adwords working out for you in terms of ROI?

    I run Facebook ads quite a lot and for Amazon I always run the ads to a landing or 'squeeze page' first, the reason being is that if you send traffic right to Amazon and it doesn't convert it will affect your conversion rate within Amazon and could potentially affect your product rank. Just something to consider.

    Also sending to a landing page has the added benefit of you being able to get the email and build your list. You could then promote to these customers directly in the future. If you ever wanted to do Facebook ads too then you could add these emails into ads and create a 'lookalike' audience of new people who share a lot of the same characteristics as your email list, basically creating a new similar audience of people to target without any work on your part. It's quite exciting.

    I hope your ads are doing well and that you will smash the sales on Black Friday!

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