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Amazon Reviews Going Forward


How will a seller be able to obtain reviews during the launch phase of a new product?

I have read the new Terms of Service regarding the "solicitation" of reviews. I have also read the blog post on AMZ Tracker regarding the changes to take place relative to those changes.

I have used other review sites that don't "require" buyers to leave a review and the buyer would simply receive a discounted product and not leave the review.

I notice the Vine, Amazon's own review community required their reviewers to leave a review at least every 5th purchased product, for Amazon Vendor's.

How will the obtaining of reviews take place now on AMZ Tracker?

Thank you!


  • I would also like the answer to this question. Can we still use Amazon Review Club?
  • As I say this I want to first leave the disclaimer once more that I am no longer associated with AMZtracker, so I'm just leaving my (educated) opinion here.

    The former "Review Club" will no longer be used for getting reviews, it is now a Promotions Tool for generating traction (organic sales) for your listings. This will improve keyword rankings just like it always did.

    Some of the people getting your product promotions *might* still leave a review, but only if they feel inclined as there is zero requirement for them to do so.

    Many of the reviewers are pretty awesome people and took their reviewing quite seriously, so some might continue to do so out of their own enjoyment. When I first started working with the reviewers I seriously misjudged and underestimated how much effort many of them put into reviewing, so I'm sure if they feel passionate about a particular product they might share something about it.

    No matter what though, the volume of overall reviews will be significantly lower. Make sure you have a solid follow up message sequence (but don't spam, one message request is plenty). This will help you maximize the value out of all the sales you get. Vine will help with some sellers, but for most it's just not an option.

    Again at the end of the day, the keyword rankings are still what are most important, and the process for attaining these has not changed.
  • I have checked into Amazon Vine and it appears that they take over the entire process of selling your product, as well as who the product is sold by and you become a wholesaler. If that's the case I have 2 questions; how do you "build your brand" if it's sold by and shipped by Amazon?; and Can you sell some of your SKU's through FBA and other products you have through the "Vendor/Vine" Program?
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