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Reviewers Still Leaving 'The Disclaimer'

Hello, I've noticed that some of the reviewers didn't read the memo and are still leaving that they received the product in exchange for their unbiased review. Is there a way that we can flag these reviewers within the system? Or at the very least, contact them through email or some type of messaging system? Thanks


  • @cbstogner thanks for your message.

    Yes there is a way you can let them know via the dashboard. However, it does need to be done before you activate the listing or send out the code.

    When you set up your promotion, for the particular product promotion, click on the 'Notes' tab

    Simply leave a note in the 'Voucher Note' with your request about the disclaimer.

    Each Shopper who receives a code from you, for this product, will see this note in the Voucher email as well as in their ART dashboard.

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