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I asked seller support if AMZ Tracker complies with the new TOS

edited October 2016 in General
I received the mass distributed warning email about the "incentivized review policy" from seller support saying incentivized reviews are prohibited.
I asked seller support if AMZ Tracker complies with the new TOS. Below is seller support's answer.

We do not endorse or specifically approve any third parties who offer services in connection with Customer Reviews. If you use a third-party service provider, it is your responsibility to ensure the reviews are unbiased and comply with Amazon’s policies.

I believe AMZ Tracker complies with the new TOS.

My main concern is if a person writes a review that states they "received a discount in exchange for a review" will amazon suspend or ban me from selling? Thoughts?


  • Good news!

    In regards to your last question, I VERY seriously doubt it. They are just making sure that the mass reviews stop, and they did. If some random person who got a discount code puts the old disclaimer on it's just not going to mean much.
  • nos341nos341
    edited October 2016
    Seller services did not say "I believe AMZ Tracker complies with the new TOS." These are my thoughts.
  • Seller support advices get people banned
  • I asked the same thing yesterday, they reply the Community Guidelines and Seller Prohibited Activities:

    Anyone can make sure AMZtracker follow the rules?
  • AMZtracker have clearly been working hard at ensuring they comply with the new Amazon TOS. It's in their best interest to comply and protect their users.

    However the reality is, no-one controls what a reviewer writes. There is nothing stopping a reviewer writing the old disclaimer... or anything else for that matter. I would think the likelihood of getting banned by someone simply writing that disclaimer would be low.

    Just like Travis said, the whole point of the changes to the TOS was to stop people gaming the system. Personally I think it evens the playing field a bit, gives sellers who aren't as cashed-up more of a chance against sellers who are cashed up and dump product for free or below cost in order dominate rankings.

    If you are worried about being penalised there is a discussion here with instructions on how to minimise the chances of reviewers leaving the old disclaimer.
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