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New users help thread?

Hi all is there a new users help thread? I have been having trouble locating a clear answer about what the ranking numbers mean. For example:

Competitors product is added, given a tag, keywords added. Result: Sales Rank 1, Ranking 1 (top), +3 (change).

What do these numbers mean EXACTLY? Is sales rank 1 for the search terms, the product, the product category, or all of Amazon (unlikely)?
Ranking I am certain has to do with keywords, but is being ranked 1 (top)? And what is the +3 (change).

Conversely, my product is also added, given the same tag as above, same keywords added. Result: Sales Rank 11,067, Ranking 116 (top), +88(change).
So why are these numbers so different than those for the competitor? Why is Sales Rank so low- There are not that many total products in this category. What is the +88 (change)?

And now, how do I use this info to edit my product listing? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • @PLUM

    The sales rank of 11,067 is your rank for that product under the category that it's showing underneath. The rank 116 is the top rank of all the keywords you're tracking for that product and +88 is the latest change in rank over the last 12 hours. The ranking data is collected every 12 hours.

    For more on the ranking tool, please check out this video:

    In regards to what you can do with this data. Please have a look at a few posts we have written about this:

    After analyzing your listing using the on-page analyzer tool, we have a great guide to optmizing your listing at the link below that will help you:

    We also have a blog here with lots of articles about improving your amazon sales and rankings:

    And we have an article about optimizing keywords in your Amazon seller central backend that might also be useful:

    I hope this helps but don't hesitate to reach out to us on [email protected] if you'd like further assistance :)
  • Hi @PLUM

    I don't know if there is specifically a new users help thread within this forum.

    However, there is one really useful resource I do know of that have been very useful to me as a new AMZ Tracker user:

    The Quick Start Guide - this guide has made it really easy for me to set up AMZ Tracker quickly without getting overwhelmed with information. It took me step by step through the AMZ Tracker suite of tools, with text and super useful 2-3 minute screenflow videos showing me exactly what to click.

    Hope that's helpful to you! :smiley:
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