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Products sold with discount dont seem to be affecting sales rank

Hi All,

I have been using promotion codes to promote some of my ASINs on the site. I have notice that products bought with discount codes dont seem to be affecting the sales rank of the ASIN.

Has anyone else had this problem or know of any Amazon policy changes that could be linked to this.

Many thanks



  • The only ones that don't boost (keyword) rankings are 100% free ones that are Fulfilled By Merchant. All others still boost exactly the same.

    If you're not seeing results then you're probably just not doing enough. Some extra thoughts in random order for you:
    • Keyword rankings are not just dependent upon one single moment in time (i.e. a big spike in sales). It is the culmination of a time-frame, generally accepted as 2-4 weeks (I believe it's the latter)
    • If you're trying to beat out other sellers for rankings, remember that your total sales need to be higher than theirs in order to outrank them. Now this is a dumbed down piece of advice as the algorithm contains lots of other things that count besides just sales, but it's an easy way to think about it.
    • Use something like Unicorn Smasher (to estimate) or the Sales Tracking feature in AMZtracker to see how many your competitors are selling in a month. Then just make your organic sales + your promo sales to exceed what the competitors are doing. Wha la!
    Best of luck
  • Thanks for the info Travis
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