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New to AMZ and AMAZON = having trouble with claim codes - please help

Hello Everybody,
I am very sorry for bothering you but I have tried everything I could think of and still having issues with this. Is there any chance anybody could help me?
I am new to AMZ Tracker and to Amazon.
I have some products that I am offering for the promotions and set up voucher codes in Seller Central.
I get requests and nobody buys. I already fixed few issues I found over the last week and re-did the codes and everything thinking I finally did it right.
Still not I even received an e-mail from customer wanting to purchase but saying that is she clicks on the product, in brings her to Amazon and the code is expired.
I did have a mistake in the dates and that was one of the reasons for re-doing all the codes and inserting new ones in AMZ thought I fixed this. Apparently not.
I have no ideas what else could be wrong at this point. I followed the videos = as far as I can tell, everything is done right. Dates are correct, codes seem to be correct, everything seems to be now set up right.
The only thing I can think of at this point is that I group my products, for example if I have products in Amazon for dogs, I take all of those and make it a product selection in Seller Central and then do bunch of codes to save time. I then just distribute the 500 codes among the products in AMZ Tracker, making sure I only use one code once.... could this be the issue?
Or do I have to do one product at a time? Cannot imagine that one as that seems like too much extra work and the say only has 24 hours.
And one last question - what if I just make the product selection and entire catalogue in Seller Central and just generate larger amount of codes and then just keep using those in AMZ Tracker? Would that work or not? Just trying to find a way to make this work without spending so much time on it.... I have so much work already.....
Thank you very much for helping me, I cannot even say how much I appreciate it.
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