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[NEW UPDATE] Unicorn Smasher Pro - Find The Perfect Niche For Your Amazon Product Faster Than Ever

Hi, there

Unicorn Smasher PRO 1.1 is here! Bring out the champagne and strawberries and let's dive into what’s new.

- Unicorn Smasher is now available in the UK and DE regions — Guten Tag Mates!
- Our opportunity score is now optimized to give you an even better idea of competition within your niche.
- You can now select products individually for export and research.
- New filter options allow you more control over your searches and results.
- The display window has been released from the top right of the screen and can now be moved around freely.
- You can now see which products feature sponsored ADs.

We can't wait to see the success you have with all these brand new features. Please feel free to reach out to us and tell us about your experience using Unicorn Smasher Pro at [email protected]
Find your perfect product today with Unicorn Smasher Pro.

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The Unicorn Smasher Team
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