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Unicorn Smasher Pro V1.2 is releasing today

Exciting News!!! Unicorn Smasher Pro V1.2 is dropping, so let's have a look at some of its fantastic new features.

New Regions – US, UK , DE, FR, IT & ES regions are now all fully available.

View the corresponding Alibaba product page for displayed products. Compare prices and stay ahead of your competition.

You can now see the exact time and date your competitors listing were created. Identify upcoming trends and where your competition is focusing their
attention in real-time!

That's all for now. Our dev team is working 200% right now so expect many more updates in the following weeks.

We receive hundreds of emails every month regarding features users would like to see implemented. If you would like to have your say then please contact us at [email protected], we would love your feedback. Let's grow together and make Unicorn Smasher the best product research tool on the market!

Added to Chrome

Happy Selling,
The Unicorn Smasher Team
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