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Skyrocket your BSR this Black Friday

At Vipon, Black Friday is our biggest event of the year. And this year, we're doing everything we can to make sure YOU shatter all your Amazon sales records on Black Friday.

How? We're featuring a "Black Friday" section on our homepage. We'll also have an entire page dedicated to Black Friday deals.

If your product is featured on either of these sections, expect hundreds of new buyers to flood your listing.

It gets better...

For every seller we feature, we will advertise them across ALL of our platforms. That means

*A facebook post to our over 80,000 active shoppers
*An email to our over 300,000 email subscribers
*Featured in advertisements on Google, Facebook
*And more...

There is a catch, though. We only have 20 slots available per day. And we are sending this email out to tens of thousands of Amazon Sellers, so they will fill up very quickly. For this reason, if you're interested, click here to apply now (while spots remain).

If selected, you can be sure your Vipon promotion will be the best bang for your buck anywhere on the web.

Happy selling!

AMZ Tracker Team
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