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How Do you set up super URL

hi All,

How do you set up the Super URL before you launch a campaign for reviewers?
I know what a Super URL is and have even created my own but when I go to the Super URL page it isn't making sense to me on what I enter into the page as I tried entering my Super URL and id didn't like that.




  • ErikErik admin
    edited May 2015
    Hey @inmedtech take a look at our superurl guide here

    hope this helps
  • campanaacampanaa
    edited May 2015
    Given that you allow the Associates tag/tracking ID to be part of the Super URL, isnt there a risk of losing your Associates account if you use this Super URL in a PPC ad as you suggest - since the Associates TOS forbids the use of an Associates URL as the Destination URL (direct linking) i.e. PPC traffic must be sent to a website property first - containing the Associates URLs - before going to the Amazon listing?
  • Hey @campanaa yes you are kinda right here, but I think you're over thinking it. For 99% of AMZ Tracker users, there is no need for the affiliate ID as almost everyone is simply selling their own products instead of pushing affiliate links.

    And it's an easy fix for all the affiliates out there... just don't use PPC. Put the links elsewhere to drive traffic.


  • Thanks Travis. I'm selling my own product too but the Associates commissions are a handy extrt income source for very little extra work ;-) In your view how do you think Associates enforces this rule?
  • I don't claim to know the rules here on this, but I would bet if you're sending traffic to your own listings as an affiliate you'll get your affiliate account canned.
  • campanaacampanaa
    edited June 2015
    I know for a fact that you can be an affiliate for your own product as I've asked Associate's support numerous times and they said that there's no problem. You can earn twice on every sale of your product - once as a Seller and a second time as an Associate. What I want to know is how they enforce the no direct linking rule from PPC to Amazon using ur Associates URL.
  • hi!

    Very interesting.... any news about this?
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