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Review Club Query

Hi guys, I have a few (generic) products that I am in the process of branding. Here's the caveat. I am testing. So, I have a few of the items offered via FBA, and the rest are from China. I was wondering if the review club would accept the items from China. The shipping will still be free, just that it would take a while longer. The FBA items would incur me a substantial loss, that's why I was hoping this could work . Comments appreciated! :smile:
P.S-- please keep in mind these items are so far generic, the ones from China are generally unbranded.


  • How long would it take to ship? You can tell the reviewers about it when they order, but not all would see it. My only worry is that some of them might get grumpy about the long shipping time and mention it negatively in the reviews.
  • Hey Travis, shipping time is usually around 10- 40 days (yeah a big discrepancy) .It may be possible to expedite shipping a bit, but I'm not willing to lose an arm and a leg trying to get it!
    I will post one soon, and see what happens .
    Cheers! :smiley:
  • Hey, so I just created my first review request in the club; but my question is how do the reviewers see my link? I don't recall a place where I had to enter that super URl, so how can I be sure that they will purchase through the correct one?
  • Hey @mjessimy
    First off, I really don't recommend shipping from China if that's the shipping time. You'll just piss off the reviewers. These are savvy sellers, they are just normal johns and janes so they would probably get irritated.

    As for the Super URL, just make sure you set up your Super URL in the Super URL tool beforehand, and the reviewers will automatically get that.
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