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Hello, I'm new here, my name is Tina. I just recently bought into the Amazing Selling Machine 5 and had to cancel my membership after only 2 weeks due to miscalculating my checking account upon signing up so I literally had no more money. While I did get only the first 2 lessons in my brain and these told how to pick potential products, the criteria to do so and how to find suppliers for your product. I know I need to learn so much more because when I cancelled there were still 6 weeks of training left and I can't begin to know what kind of content was in those lessons. I'm writing this to seek help, real help to make this happen for me. I lost my job of 25 years in Sept. 2014 and haven't found suitable work yet. I was able to get my pension from my revious employer and this money I got back when I cancelled ASM is all I have. My intension is to use the majority of this $1,000 to purchase my product of choice. I have picked a product but I'm really needing someone to help me assure I get it up and listed on Amazon and optimized to start making money. I need this to work because I don't want to go work in the outside world and make someone else rich, I have dreams of making myself financially stable. Can someone, anyone find it in their heart to mentor me for a while so I will be successful in this? I promise with your help, I will "pay it forward" and do the same for someone else, in fact this is a dream of mine, when I make it for myself, I'm going to help someone else help theirself to make it. I also want to financially help needy people, whatever their need is. I promise to make your help work for me in a short amount of time. I'm easy to learn quickly and I always take notes. I feel like there's important info I don't know in order to make this work but if someone is willing to help me, you don't know how this will bless me. I will be so appreciative, I can promise to help another by years end to show you I'm serious in this. Please only good serious people reply. my personal email is [email protected] My real intention is to remain a part of this community to further educate myself and I am one who loves to help others by way of info and when I know something to help others I will post it. Thanks to all in advance


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    Hey Tina,
    Just PM'ed you some resources. Once you have your products ready to go, just check out our product ranking course and you'll be good to go. Make sure you leave plenty of budget room for unexpected expenses though, as it's never as clean and as people expect. Plan on shipping, Amazon fees, refunds, etc.

    Do it right now, and you can replace your income in no time.

  • Tina, am I understanding you correctly...? You intend to invest $1000 into your inventory? Is that $1000 per month or $1000 total? I have technical, business, import and marketing background and I have hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in Amazon products... And that generates enough income to replace a job... I am afraid you need a bit more of money and experience to make serious difference in you earnings... I am sure you can get some decent advice here or elsewhere, but you need to make your expectations realistic...
  • I like your advice Constantine.

    Since you (dobst0sp) have such limited budget, you might want to gear your potential products to a very narrow field. Cheap to make simple "accessory" products with a 10x markup might be a good fit if you can think of something. In this case, you already have a market. If you get the perfect idea and is something already being made, you can get a small batch made for maybe $500.

    You can also do the reseller/arbitrage thing for a bit to build up your bankroll before venturing into your own brands. I never started this way, but a lot of sellers do. People scour the discount stores for whenever a shop does a massive discount of an item. They then compare the prices of the store to the prices on Amazon (including shipping/fulfillment/Amazon fees) to make a profit.

    Honestly... doing that sucks, but lots of people do it. There are a couple of apps that will let you scan barcodes in stores to immediately compare the price of products. I'm not a pro at this, but checkout Profit Bandit or Scan Power.

    There are two currencies to pushing businesses forward. Each can be equally valuable.

    1) Money
    2) Time

    If you don't have the cash, put in the time doing it the hard way until you get enough of a bankroll to scale it up. Do the dirty work; reach out to people in the industry, "cold call" (or email), post on blogs, do whatever you can to get peoples eyes on your product.
  • ... $1000 worth of product comes with another few hundred of inbound and a little more outbound shipping... $40 per month for a pro seller account... some initial budget for advertising...

    I would definitely not recommend betting everything on this... you definitely need suplimental income while you are doing this... good news is that in the beginning it is not a full time job...

    Also, you may want to find a drop shipper with a decent margin and impliment what we do here without a large capital investment... it is harder to do this than FBA, but it costs no money upfront.

    Just my few cents.
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