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Ongoing Reviews

Hey Guys,

I Didn't see a thread started on this already so I figured I would start one to share tactics.

What tactics do you guys use aside from Review Club (which is awesome by the way, especially for launching) for getting consistent reviews?

I'll start with one method I'm using with some decent success:
following up with repeat customers (proof of satisfaction), offering them a solid coupon code, and requesting a review.

Anyone out there being more aggressive or have a good tactic to share?


  • I my opinion, time is money... and I would rather give away 100 products and get 80-100 reviews that make it a full time job contacting customers, writing emails, generating codes, emailing them back and hoping that the people who got a code will be kind enough to leave a review, with no way of contacting them. I am thinking a great idea is to set aside a promotional budget - think of it as a marketing expense and use it for giveaways in exchange for reviews... and since Amazon never sleeps, perhaps doing more with every shipment. Thoughts?
  • For sure. I do the giveaways also.

    I never like to rely on solely one method though. I have a staff member who does the followups so it's not like I'm manually following up with these customers.
  • @gobig - that is a good method following up with repeat customers. I have done so without the coupon code in the past, perhaps I will try it with that the next time and might get a better response! From a buyer's stance I don't write reviews either even if I'm planning on it, I just don't ever get around to it, so an incentive may work better.

    I also agree that while the Review Club is great for getting some especially in the beginning, reviews from 'real' customers matter. For a start, if I come across a product I'm thinking of buying and every single one of the reviews has the disclaimer 'received for discount in exchange etc.....', then I am a little skeptical to be honest. I've also noticed a few products with lots and lots of 5 stars, and several 1 stars that are from REAL customers obviously p*ssed at being dupped by the reviews...

    So there is a fine line. Of course as long as the product is truly good, it's not such a problem. But real reviews from real customers go a long way, and I too am interested in any methods of getting more. I use Feedback Genius and send out automatic follow up - right now review rate is about 1%. So it is slow going!!
  • Anyone ever try following up with a customer after their order and offering a free 2nd product for a review (or a review on each)? It's obvious some sellers are doing this, but would you guys consider this "riding the line"?
  • @kiwione 1-2% was about what I was seeing on a fairly generic followup as well. A more personalized followup with a discount was about 5-10%.
  • Thanks @gobig, will have to go the more personalized route and hope for an improve, 5-10% is great!
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    Anyone got some decent follow up templates - is it against any tos to include links in followup emails to a youtube Vid?

    I currently use Feedback genius and do 2 emails - both thanking them first and checking everythings ok, then asking for seller feedback at the end of the email, then product on the second one.

    It works ok - most ppl leave a product review on the seller feedback though, and ignore the second one... but atleast it catches any neg product reviews at the seller feedback stage...

    Might get a VA to email all the positive seller feedback.. have heard that's common
  • @Sammy we do that as well. If someone leaves feedback we followup and go hey thanks for leaving feedback, if you want to re-order here's a discount code. Oh and by the way, could you leave a product review for us? Works okay.
  • edited July 2015
    I wanted to make you guys aware that a buyer/reviewer can not review the same item twice and their spouse/family member can not review the same product either. If two related accounts, same shipping address, billing address, payment information etc, review the same product both reviews will be removed and both members will be blocked from reviewing that product.
    My suggestion would be to follow up and offer a coupon for another product you sell. I hope this is helpful.
  • Sammy said:

    is it against any tos to include links in followup emails to a youtube Vid?

    Yes that's against TOS. You can't try and send them to a different site. Amazon will just block the URL anyway, so no worries.
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited July 2015
    Funny - a big competitor in my niche sends URL redirects to their E-com site in all their followups, to their facebook and to a pdf download. The links are all disguised as links so they don't get caught...

    Wonder if Amazon would care.
  • Wow that's kinda impressive. Every time I've tried to send a link it got blocked. Either way, definitely not worth it!
  • gobiggobig
    edited July 2015
    Some companies are getting away with some crazy stuff. One of the biggest players in my niche, their followup sequence looks like:

    1) Thank you + Bonus Tips
    2) Opt in to membership site (linking via pdf)
    3) Leave a review for a free 2nd product

    2 & 3 clearly break TOS, but Amz doesn't really seem to care.

    We've bought a lot of the top products in our niche to check out the followup sequences. Every single company except for one is breaking TOS.

    I wouldn't risk it, but many are.
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited July 2015
    Yeah a pdf attachment is fine from what I've heard though - as long as you're not pushing ppl to your own site.

    But these were all url redirect links disguised to look like amazon links... completely blatant... and biggest seller in the niche by a mile. Seems like such a dumb risk to take. They obviously know/assume Amazon doesn't give a shit if you have the volume...

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