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Amazon Review Club: # of available codes vs # of people applied

Hi Travis.

So e.g. I create a Amazon Review Club promo and post 100 codes. 117 people apply. What happens if I say "ok to all"... do last 17 people get a blank email? Do they get nothing? Does this cause an error or upsets anyone? Just curious... most of the time there are more applicants than codes...




  • ErikErik admin
    @constantine Good question.
    I would not recommend doing the "ok to all" way of doing it.
    If you only have 100 codes then yes the 17 extra people will get the email with no code, and it will confuse and frustrate them.
    If you want to do this quickly I would select all them un check the "bad" reviewers. Any reviewer with no numbers or info about them in their row they have set up their account wrong and you shouldnt sent them a code.

  • As I just mentioned to Travis - even after I rejected the remaining group, more kept on coming in with no codes left...
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