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How to stop Amazon Review Club campaign?

@Travis_Jamison, can you tell me how to stop a review campaign? I created one, entered 20 codes and started it... after 20 codes are given away, people continue to request the deal... I do not see a way of pausing it and do not want to add more codes... also do not want to disappoint people...


  • ErikErik admin
    Hey @constantine All you need to do is check the box titled "remove review listing" in the popup where you set the prices etc. Thanks
  • @constantine that is odd, it's supposed to automatically stop the campaign after the single use promos run out. Were you using the bulk code by chance? Anything else you can think of?

    Just trying to figure out if there is a bug so we can fix it.
  • Yes, using bulk codes... generated two campaigns with 20 and 100 codes in each... people applied for more... I released the 20 and 100 to the first bunch of applicants, but others stayed on... I selected the remaining group and rejected, but applicaticants seem to be coming in...
  • @Erik I tried to do that, but it would not save - kept on telling me that I need to add codes (they ran out.
  • @erik and @Travis_Jamison : the issue persists. No matter what I do, applications keep on coming after a promotion is out of codes... Even after I stop it...
  • ErikErik admin
    Hey @constantine I just PM'd you with a video to help you out
  • @constantine if it still keeps up again @Erik and I can forward it to our tech-guru Co-founder @An_Ly to take a look.
  • I actually ran into a similar problem.

    I'm also trying to 'reboot' a Review Club review request I posted a couple weeks ago for a drip type campaign.

    The original end date passed, the review request stayed up (to my knowledge) publicly but got stale (I stopped receiving applications from reviewers.

    I'm trying to delete and repost to make it 'fresh' but can't seem to figure out how to do so.

    Any thoughts?
  • How to start a new campaign (promotion) for the same product?

    Originally I created promotion for $0.01, then I discovered this forum and learned that it's safer to go with at least $1. I updated existing campaign with new pricing $1 and new coupon codes, but people are complaining that product price is $1 instead of $0.01

    I did checkmark for "Remove review listing" in order to cancel this promotion and now it is paused. What is the best way to re-create promotion for the same product with $1 price?
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