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Amazon's New Pricing Dashboard

Just noticed this new tab in the seller backend this morning.

Amazon's new pricing dashboard

It doesn't look too overly valuable for most of us, but resellers can probably get some value out of it. I do bet that it is going to start driving down the prices of Amazon products even more though, as everyone rushes to drop the price to the lowest.

All I have to say is that it's good to own your own brand, as I'm sure you can agree :smile:


  • Your own brand - yes. Direct pricing and low overhead - yes... Quality products as well... good listings, images... reviews. Everything.
  • Hopefully most AMZ Tracker members will own their own brand. Otherwise putting in all this keyword/superURL/review effort can be hijacked by anyone, at any moment, at any time, at any price they like for the tiniest overhead or even loss leading.

    A quick tip for those who don't sell their own brand (or sell some other branded products): Add something completely unique to your branded item. For example, if you were selling a Can of CocaCola. How about sell a Can of CocaCola with an added JustJosh leaflet or free EBOOK on healthy drinking.

    Because you have added an exclusive, branded item to your common item, you now have a Branded package deal :)

    Having then reached a much higher sales and search ranking than the original item, I have had a seller try hijack my listing. A quick e-mail threatening action as they could not fulfil the 'JustJosh' part of the package made the seller politely withdraw their listing. ;)
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