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Keyword ranking

I am tracking a keyword phrase on 2 different products. I'm using the same keyword phase for both products. I would think the keyword phrase ranking would be the same for both products, but they are not. They are vastly different. Has anyone experienced this before? Does the keyword ranking number depend on the product? I'm a little confused by this. Can someone kindly help?


  • The keyword ranking would have to do with how many people entered this keyword then bought your product. Amazon recognizes that product as being related to that keyword so much that someone bought the product. Hence the reason for the Super URL.
  • Thank you so much Michele! So does that mean if I added a new keyword that nobody actually used to buy my product, that keyword would probably show a ranking of >300?
  • Regarding KW ranking... I'm tracking about 35 KWs right now. I've noticed the 3-4 I'm interested in, my competition ranks high for -- like top 10. Should I be going after my top KWs? Or should I look for ones that have less competition but a decent ranking, like top 10-20?

    I'm planning to use the Super URL tool to drive traffic to 2 KWs at the moment. And those KWs are in the top 5 for my competition.

    I'd be interested to hear everyone's comments.
  • @keneke IMO there really isn't a set "right or wrong" way to do it. A lot of it will depend on how competitive the keywords are.

    One thing that I like to do is always start off ranking for one or two smaller keywords with a high commercial intent and that is most closely related to the product that I sell.

    I find that after you get to ranking for some smaller keywords first, the bigger ones become easier. This is almost certainly because you start to naturally get sales which increase rankings.
  • Thanks for the advice @Travis_Jamison. I'll also check out the link you provided.
  • Hello, I'm new to AMZ Tracker. Can I get an understanding of the numbers in the key word ranking? I have one product ranking a 6 and another 125. Have no idea what this means? Another question is pertaining to key word suggestions. How does this work?

    Thanks, Robert
  • Hey there Robert,
    Welcome to the community.

    For the numbers on the keyword rankings, those numbers show where your product ranks in the Amazon search engine. So, if you go to Amazon and type in your keyword into the search bar, the number we give you is the position your product ranks for the search term.

    The purpose of this is so that you can start optimizing and improving your listings with the AMZ Tracker tools. The goal is to improve your rankings for your keywords, which will bring more traffic and sales to your listings.

    The higher you rank, the more you sell.

    The keyword suggestions, these are related keywords to the ones that you already decided to track. They are auto-generated keywords from Amazon. If you go to the Amazon search bar and start typing in a keyword, you will see some suggestions by Amazon. We are giving you these same suggestions in AMZ tracker to make it easy for you.

    Cheers mate! @Robert
  • Thanks Travis! The numbers only show if it is less than 300, correct?

    So I went to amazon and put in my keyword that ranks 7 and I don't find my product there. Do you mean this keyword is a popular search term that people are searching and if there are thousands of products that use this same keyword(s) you will be among the many?

    I really need to understand your term "buying keywords" keywords with intent.

  • Hi Robert,

    If you are putting in your Keyword on Amazon and it isn't coming up at rank 7 (as you say), then there are a few things you need to check:

    1. Make sure you are visiting the correct Amazon Marketplace. ie., or - When entering keywords in AMZ tracker you need to select the marketplace from the drop down box.
    2. When on the correct marketplace, make sure you don't have any categories filtered, i.e. Toys, or Beauty category.
    3. Make sure you are entering the EXACT keyword phrase as shown. "Blue Toy Car" is not the same as "Toy Car Blue".

    I hope this helps.

  • @Robert What @JustJosh said + keep "Track Parent Product and All Variations" checked (when adding a product in AMZ TRacker) if your product has a number of child products. Amazon will frequently rotate the variation ASINs in the search results and this check box will let AMZ Tracker look for all of them when checking the rankings.
  • @Travis_Jamison , Do you think it is a good idea to get the most buying KWs from PPC on Amazon with Automatic Targeting function? In my understanding, you just choose the ones with a reasonable search volume and high relevant ones, isn't it?
  • @david545 Some people like the automatic targeting, I've never gotten too much value out of it (but I'm already a keyword nerd so...).
    I definitely recommend adding in all buying keywords that you can think of to your listing.
    • All relevant longtails
    • All keywords with a high commercial intent
    • Perhaps competitors brand names
    • And I like to optimize my Amazon pages for both Amazon AND Google, so keep that in mind.
  • SammySammy ✭✭
    edited April 2015

    What are the differences between buying keywords on Amazon compared to google?

    I've got plenty of analytics/adwords KW data from my e-com site, but don't think the buying keywords are going to be relevant on Amazon.

    Eg 'kw+online' 'kw+location' are all huge for my ecom site, but do people search like this on Amazon as well?
  • Hello guys, my keyword ranking suddenly drop more than 70 today !!! (the keywords are even set with SuperUrl tool.
    Is it a punishment or something else? never see this happens before. The sale for this listing is not very bad.
  • ErikErik admin
    Hey @david545 I would recommend waiting another day before reacting. Sometimes there may just be an error or some little issue and it will bounce right back in a day or 2.
    Did you check the ranking manually on amazon?

    Tomorrow if there is still an issue send me an email at [email protected] with more info and I will help you look into it.

  • Thanks @Erik , I have already check the ranking manually on amazon, it has bounced back, but 5 or 8 more ranking than previously.

    Is it because of 2 days premium shipping option is not eligible? As I received this notice from Amazon today.
  • Hi there, I'm new to AMZ and just finding my feet so bear with me ;-)
    I entered a search term/keyword into Amazon to see who ranked top for this phrase. I also have a product that I would like associated with this search. So, I entered the info into AMZ for analysis. I am ranked 5th for this phrase which is pleasing. The seller ranked No1 for this phrase even though the listing doesn't have this keyword in the title or bullet points and has no description at all. It also has no reviews, no product rating nor is it FBA. It does however score highly for Total Images & High Res Images.

    So based on the theory behind this software how can this be No1 one when I have this keyword in the title, description & bullets and also score well for High Res Images?

    I'm just trying to figure out what other factor could be getting this to No1, keywords, lots of sales over time linked to the search which would make it more profitable for Amazon so they 'bump' it up?

    As I said before, I'm new here so I would appreciate a leg up from you guys.

  • Bang said:

    So based on the theory behind this software how can this be No1 one when I have this keyword in the title, description & bullets and also score well for High Res Images?

    No one really knows how much keywords affect rank. Its a best guess. Conversion rate, total sales, brand tenure, seller rating and sales velocity all probably have a much bigger effect than keywords.

  • Thanks for your reply. One think I have noticed is most of the No1 ranked products seem to be FBA so that's maybe another reason.
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