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Keeping Rankings Consistent

I have been growing my rankings for my keywords but they seem to bounce around by 5 spots a lot. I feel I'm constantly having to give product away via superurls just to keep my position. Do you have any tips? The strange thing is the product converts exceptionally well but I feel like most buyers are clicking my sponsored ads. I don't see others bouncing around like my product so I do wonder. I can tell I sell more than them based on the tracker tool so it doesn't quite make sense to me.


  • Any thoughts or help is greatly appreciated! I just don't want to have to give product away for the rest of my days but maybe that's what I'll have to do. I jump from one ranking roller coaster (Google) to another (amazon) and am wondering which is worse.
  • @learntoearn
    Hey Mate,
    I noticed the same thing for a really long time, but eventually it leveled out and stopped. I think this is due to the part of the Amazon algo that really rewards longterm sales. Most of us are going up against listings that have been selling well consistently for years and years. It seems to take a while of really good consistency outdoing the other brands before the rankings stick and you takeover the other listings top spots.

    Until then, just keep giving them away for reviews to keep your sales volume up and boosting your review count (to outdo your competitors once again).

    This is what I do, and it's worked time and time again. Hopefully it does the same with you.
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